The Yorkshire On-Land Boating Club

Here at The Yorkshire On-Land Boating Club we travel deliberately slowly along roads, down canals, and through fields. We push our boat from place to place and stage spontaneous events, actions and performances which reflect the things that we value. In return we ask those we meet along the way to decorate the boat with the things that are important to them.

What is HEAVE 2009?

HEAVE is the Yorkshire On-Land Boating Club’s main event for 2009. It will take place from the 12th of July to the 2nd of August.

HEAVE is a 105 mile, on-land sailing circuit, from Leeds to Bradford and then back again.

Over a twenty one day period we will be pushing a 14′ long sailing dinghy on a specially constructed trailer along the roads of Yorkshire to find out what the people of Yorkshire value.

Why a boat?

Throughout history boats have been a symbol of community (the support of those close to us), as well as the discovery of new lands and encounters with those who are different to, or far from, us.

Boats cross borders; they take us on journeys into the unknown and they carry valuable cargos. The ancient Egyptians believed that the Sun-god travelled in a boat on his nightly voyage through the Underworld. For the early Christians the boat was a cryptic symbol of the Church, and 17th Century pirate ships experimented with democracy by having their own parliaments.

Boats are places of debate and discovery, they hold travelling communities and, as with the Pilgrim Fathers, they look forward to new worlds.

The Route

Our sailing circuit will take us west from 7 arts, through Leeds to Bradford. Then we will head north through Bingley, Silsden and Bolton Abbey turning eastwards across the dales, through Pateley Bridge and Ripon before heading south through Harrogate, Knaresborough and back to Leeds. Have a look at a detailed map on the map/itinerary page.

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